July 2017 Recap


Where did my summer go??? I want it back!

I go back to university the first Monday of August, and I literally can’t believe how little I did this summer. Well, it wasn’t that bad, but I didn’t do anything objectively productive. Mostly I hung out with friends, read what I wanted, and wrote both my novel and for this blog.

Also I found my best friend is leaving for another continent. I’m everything from excited for her to upset that I won’t get to see her every week. It’s hard to believe that less than two years ago we were still seeing each other every day in high school.


I actually participated in not one but two readathons this months! I tried (and failed) at the BookTube-A-Thon just like last year, and I joined into Zoe’s 24-hour-readathon, in which I fared far better. They were both super fun though! 

I read a total of 11 books this month! That’s great for me! I think it’s been my best month in the entire year. Also I’m currently 16 books ahead in my Goodreads challenge which is just so gratifying! Right now, I’m right on track to hit 100 books this year. I really hope I manage.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 12.35.16 PM
Take that, Goodreads!

Now, about the books themselves, this month I crossed off many that had been on my TBR since forever. Deathless I’ve been meaning to read since 2012. Overall, there were a few book I really did like… others ended up disappointing me. There were barely any books in middle.

My goals for the week I have left are finishing the anthology Because You Love to Hate Me and hopefully reading Clockwork Princess in its entirety. I’m so afraid/excited about the latter!!

Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson ★★¾

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller ★½☆☆

Sandman Vol. II by Neil Gaiman ★★★☆

Dreams of Gods & Monsters by Laini Taylor ★★★½

Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente ★★★★

Sandman Vol. III by Neil Gaiman ★★☆☆

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee ★★★☆

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare ★★★☆

The Pearl Thief by Elizabeth Wein ★★☆☆

The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski ★½☆

Richard II by William Shakespeare ★★★☆

Favorite of the month 


This book just blew me away, and instantly turned Valente into a new favorite author. I read it on the first half on the month, and I already want to read it again. The style is just perfect.


This was my best month in views EVER. I’m so happy with where this blog is headed. I didn’t fully manage to adhere to the schedule I made last month, but I did blog consistently for once and it’s paid off. This book is going up late because I just have a ton of books that have to go up before! Also I’ve started blogging about writing! I found it so fun to share how I write and what an utter mess I am!

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My Writing Process

BookTube-A-Thon 2017 WrapUp


CampNano month! After finishing the four-book series, I was in a bit of writing haze for a few days. It still amazes me that I managed to finish, tbh. But I had a hard time with my next project’s outline. I meant to finish it before June ended, but that didn’t happen so I spent the first week of CampNano frantically working on it. My original goal was 40k, but after that bumpy start I was sure I wasn’t going to make. And guess what?

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 12.21.24 PM

I won!!! This is the third time I’ve won a NaNo event, but I still get so excited when it happens. Somehow I managed to catch up in five days?? I have no idea how that happened! I was just so excited to be writing again. As you can see I kind of lost my speed as the month wore on.

As of now, I have all of act one written… at 40k. If the other acts are more or less the same length, I’m looking at another 120k monster. I don’t have the excuse that it is the last book in series! I’m really going to have a to trim some sections…

Going into this project, I was afraid it wouldn’t feel like its own thing. It follows one of the PoV characters of my series, but a year after the last book and it’s a standalone adventure. However, it’s whole new cast of characters! Introducing them/making sure their personalities come across has been hard. Though the main focus fall on my protagonist, whom I already know and adore from the series, and her partner (it’s kind of buddy cop thing), I may have gone overboard with the amount of secondary characters. It’s been a Struggle, capital S, but it’s definitely its own thing by now.

I’m hoping to finish it some time in September. If I keep at this rhythm, I should manage. I have no idea how much homework I’ll have once classes start, though.


  • GAME OF THRONES IS BACK!!!! I have a… complicated relationship with the TV show, but I’ve missed this world. So far this season has been very dialogue-heavy, but I’m sure things will pick up as we approach the halfway point (aka the next episode). My heart aches for the Starks as always.
  • I watched all of Search Party in a couple of days and loved it. Its brand of dark humor is just so unique. Also the music is just A+.
  • I also caught up on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! This is probably my favorite comedy currently airing. I could watch over and over (I have). I really liked season two, despite the changes and that some characterizations felt a bit off at times.
  • One of my friends and I watched the original Nightmare on Elm Street the other day. It wasn’t very scary by now, because it’s so utterly dated. The music, the clothes, the character, the one-liners are all so quintessentially 80’s. We loved it, even though we spent the whole movie laughing.
  • I’m currently rewatching BoJack Horseman, again. Over the last few months, I’ve only been able to really grab on to comedies? idk… I used to watch so much TV but my attention span has just become the worst. But BoJack I could watch forever. I always find new gags and easter eggs, it’s the best. Can’t wait for season 4!


This song is so catchy and fun. It makes me want to sing.

I first came across this song in Search Party and I immediately looked it up so I could add it. I just love music with this sort of glitter, high-note mood.

KESHA’S BACK!!!!!! I’ve (non-ironically) loved Kesha for years now, and I’m glad she’s putting her vocals talents to full use. Although I loved party Kesha (dollar sign and all), I’m so ready for her growth into a more sincere artistry because she totally has the talent for that.

Reading music

This album was just the right soundtrack for Since You’ve Been Gone (I know I should have looked up the playlists but I’m lazy). It’s very upbeat and summery, though it has its dark songs too.

I listened to this whole album while reading Dreams of Gods & Monsters and it matched the tone perfectly.

I put this song on repeat for the second half of Deathless, and its snowy melancholic feel fit beautifully. Now I can’t listen to this remix without crying. Though I hate the random dialogue from Thirteen Reasons Why at the beginning.

The National’s slow beats put me in the mood to read Richard II every time. Also Start a War was hilariously appropriate.

Writing music

This song perfectly sets up the opening tone of the novel I’m writing. I adore how broody it is and the voices in the background just heighten the whole mood.

After the tragic news, I went back to listen to Linkin Park and rediscovered this song. I’ve just been listening to it all the time while writing, and it actually inspired a scene.

I just realized the other two songs I put on this list are very sad, dark songs. This is not a dark book! I swear! It just has a lot of murder, trauma, and monsters but… Anyway, here have an upbeat song that reminds me of the second lead character.

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