BookTube-A-Thon 2017 Wrap Up

Oh the mighty tale of how I ended doing just as miserably as last year!

Well, I guess a thousand pages in not miserably, but I was really hoping to at least finish five books, but that didn’t happen. I also stopped participating in the sprints halfway through the week. Alas. But there’s always next year!


Day 1

I read the second half of Clockwork Prince and cried at 3am.

Pages read: 250 (+250)

Books completed: 1

Challenges completed: Read a Hyped Book, Read a Book with Someone on the Cover


Day 2

I read The Pearl Thief in one day to keep up with the tradition of reading all Elizabeth Wein books all in one day.

Pages read: 578 (+326)

Books completed: 2

Challenges completed: Read a book in a single day


Day 3

I picked up Richard II and read the first scene and some of the introduction. Later that day, I started The Winner’s Curse. I was bent on finishing it on one day… then I fell asleep… at 8:30 pm (during the summer I tend to fall asleep around 3 or 4am so I was shocked.

Pages read: 873 (+295)

Books completed: 2

Challenges completed: None


Day 4

After sleeping for eleven hours straight, I woke up very confused. I proceed to finish The Winner’s Curse… and take a nap! Then I realized I wasn’t in the mood for any of my TBR picks and decided to start the anthology Because You Love to Hate Me. Then I picked up Lab Girl and yeah I’ve started too many books all at once.

Pages read: 1050 (+177)

Books completed: 3

Challenges completed: None



Day 5

AKA the moment where I started failing miserably. Last year I only got to day 4 before screwing up, so progress? I read two more stories from BYLTHM and 30 pages of Richard II, and that was it.

Pages read: 1134 (+84)

Books completed: 3

Challenges completed: None(!)


Day 6

I had every intention to read all the books. I really did. But I had lunch with my best friend, and she told me she’s moving to the other side of the Atlantic in a month. Needless to say I was an utter mess (like my eyes ached for hours because of how much we cried). So I read like… 20 pages? I just couldn’t concentrate.

Pages read: 1154 (+20)

Books completed: 3

Challenges completed: None *cries*


Day 7

So I was busy most of the day, but I got home determined to finish Richard II. I did it!

Pages read: 1205 (+51)

Books completed: 4

Challenges completed: Read a Book You Bought Because of the Cover and Read About a Character That’s Different than You


Four books read (all of them featured on my TBR)

Two additional books started (none of them on my TBR)

Five out of seven challenges completed

1205 pages read in the whole week


How did fare in the BookTube-A-Thon? Did you get through all seven books? Did you lose steam as the week progressed, like I did?


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