Top Ten Authors I Want to Try Out

Since Top Ten Tuesday is on a holiday, I came up with my own topic. There are some books I hear about and decide Oh I must have this. Then there are authors who have a ton of different books and different ideas that I just want to read a ton from them. Or maybe I saw an interview and thought that this person has interesting ideas. The author is supposed to be dead or whatever, but sometimes I want to read a book specifically because of who wrote it. I often find that my favorite books don’t always overlap with my favorite authors…

So this is list is all about the authors I’m dying to try out because they could become new favorites.


1. Melina Marchetta

This is actually one that I didn’t realize until recently. I heard great things about this contemporary called On the Jellicoe Road as it was many people’s favorite. I also heard that another contemporary book changed the way Maggie Stiefvater writes characters (and if there is something I love about her books it’s the characters) called Saving Francesca. And I also was vaguely aware of a fantasy series whose first books is called Finnikin of the Rock. One day while browsing on Goodreads found out they were all written by the same author and decided I had to read at least one.

Books I want to start with:

2. Catherynne M. Valente

This is another author that writes across a wide variety of genres. I’ve been hearing about Deathless and its gorgeous prose for literally years now. But Valente is about to publish a Vagina Monologues-style collection of essays from the point of view of the murdered female characters from comics, and she also has a fairly popular middle grade series (with very long titles). I heard that her prose is as lyrical as Laini Taylor’s, but that is very malleable when it comes to genre. So if I don’t like the first book I try of hers, I’m willing to give a shot to another one.

Books I want to start with:


3. Brandon Sanderson

It is one of my greatest shames that I such an avid fantasy fan, and yet I have never read a single one of Sanderson’s book. He is such a beloved author that I’m actually kind of intimidated by his long bibliography. Now that I’ve devoured all the published Gentleman Bastard books, I think Mistborn might become the new epic fantasy series I tackle on audio (I adore listening to loooong audiobooks and The Final Empire is over 20 hours), but my friends seem to adore The Stormlight Archive more. This man has published so much that I don’t know where to start.

Books I want to start with think are good starting point, but I truly have no idea:

4. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I’ve been meaning to check out Adichie’s books since I watched her TED talk about the single story. Since then I’ve only heard amazing things about her books and their significance. She’s one of the most famous literary fiction authors out right now. I even owned Americanah for a while, but it always seemed so long daunting. I need to get over my “fear” of modern literary fiction and get on with it.

Books I want to start with:

5. Patrick Rothfuss

Another big name fantasy author that I haven’t gotten around to yet. This is the only author who has only published one series on this list, but he’s been so recommended to me that I couldn’t leave him out. I’m a bit apprehensive because who knows when the last book of the Kingkiller trilogy will come out. I have enough waiting with GRRM and now Scott Lynch, but I swear I will read his books someday.

The only book I can start with:



 6. Kiersten White

I actually listened to a lovely interview with her (on the podcast 88 Cups of Tea, if you’re interested), and though I had sort of dismissed And I Darken, hearing about the choices she made and her reasoning made me want to read it!


7. Ursula K. Le Guin

I’ve been meaning to start reading more sci-fi for years, and Le Guin is such well-regarded writer that she was the first one I always think of. Like Sanderson, she has published a ton, but I’ve been recommended The Left Hand of Darkness the most. I actually read the introduction she wrote for it in class and loved her ideas about the nature of sci-fi and novel writing in general.

Books I want to start with:


8. Gillian Flynn

Also known as the modern queen of thrillers. I love “unlikable” female characters and the more domestic end of thrillers, so I’m actually surprised I haven’t picked one up yet. I loved the Gone Girl movie, but I didn’t see much of a point in reading the book knowing all the twists. But she’s published other books some of which will be getting their own adaptations soon. When I get a craving for dark next, twisty narrative, I know whose books to reach for.

Books I want to start with:


9. Oliver Sacks

Back in my high school psychology class, some way or another we always went back to Oliver Sacks. My teacher adored him and we were all saddened when he died… I always promised myself that I would pick up one of his books even though I wasn’t reading non-fiction back then. I still haven’t despite coming close so many times. The New Yorker essays I read from him, apart from being super interesting science-wise, were never dry, and I’ve heard wonderful things about the style  his longer works which is super important for me when reading non-fiction. I want to start with the books we always mentioned in class.

Books I want to start with:

10. Francesca Zappia

This is the newest one on the list. I normally don’t lean toward romance-heavy contemporary YA, but I heard that Zappia is very good at tackling mental-health themes in her novels. She has also only published two novels so far, but the word-of-mouth about her latest, Eliza and Her Monsters, has been great. The only reason why I haven’t read Eliza is because I want to read the physical version as the illustrations I’ve seen are gorgeous.

Books I want to start with:


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