Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

As I said the previous week, I think that most tropes can work if they are executed well enough. These are just the ones I’m iffy about. I decided to include books that I liked, or even loved in some cases, because you never know.

1. Heavy Racist, Sexist, Homophobic or other -ist Elements

Just no. All media is problematic to a certain extent, but I have a relative low tolerance for this. If I hear from early reviewers that a book is overtly racist, even unintentionally, I’ll just stay way. The only times where I can tolerated a bit more is when the book was written in another era, and even there I haaaaated Brave New World because of how misogynistic it was.

2. Third Person Present Tense

I can’t stand this tense. I find first person present clunky as it is, but I just cannot stand this. I feel like I’m reading a play instead of a novel.

3. Love Triangles

The classic YA cliche. I can bear this if there are more things going on, but if this is the main source of conflict nope. I pass.

Books I’ve liked despite this: The Lynburn Legacy books which feature a love triangle heavily, but it’s still amazing and you should read them.

4. Too Much Hype

I have very particular tastes in my fiction, so what appeals to most people often doesn’t work for me. Yet I’d always buy into the hype and get terribly disappointed because I was expecting a life changing book and no. Now, I tend to be wary of the most hyped books, if not.

Books I’ve liked despite this: Truthwitch, thought I was a bit disappointed because of my unfairly high expectations

5. Contemporary Romance Plot

There has to be something else to really catch my attention. For example, I was willing to give The Sky Is Everywhere a chance because I wanted to see how it handled grief. I ended up loving those parts and getting bored by the romance.

Books I’ve liked despite this: The Unexpected Everything though I ended up having to lower my rating because the book started fading from my mind very quickly.

6. All-male Casts

As a rule, I tend to connect to female characters more than male ones, so my interest is diminished from the get-go. Beyond that I feel a bit iffy about why there aren’t any women around. The world is not like that most of the time. It’s even worse when the only females that show up are there to be love interests. Why???

Books I’ve liked despite this: The Lies of Locke Lamora (thought I haven’t finished it yet so no spoilers please).

7. Series with No Publication for the Next Book in the Series

I was scarred by A Dance with Dragons. The book can sound very good, perfect even for me, but I will be apprehensive if no one know when/if the next book is going to come out. This is the rule I break the most, but I still hesitate every time I pick a new series.

Books I’ve read despite this and am now regretting because I need the sequel dammit: ASoIaF, An Ember in the Ashes (I have not read A Torch Against the Night because the author is still writing the third book…)

8. Books with Heavy Religious Themes

Again this is something that just makes me hesitant, and there is nothing wrong with books that feature heavily religious themes. It’s just not something I am very interested in. I also read Life of Pi at age the impressionable age of 12, and I hated it with all my soul so.

Books I’ve liked despite this: Jane Eyre



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