July Recap

My Life

This month I didn’t do much. I hung out with my friends, I read, I wrote and I watched TV. I tried to spend this summer doing the things I love because I’ll probably won’t have as much time when I start university next week. It’s amazing how quickly the summer slipped past me.

Also halfway through the month I tried to participate in the BookTube-A-Thon, though I failed at most of the challenges. I have a wrap-up post coming soon. I’ve been procrastinating because of how bad I did. The worst part is that I started off doing so well…


I read a total of 7 books this month. All but one in physical format. This is weird for me because I normally read most of my books in ebook form and this month I read none (the other book was an audiobook). Also I have reviews coming for many of these…

Broken Harbor by Tana French   

This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab   ½

The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson   ¼*

The Outsiders by SE Hinton   

Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein   ½

Uprooted by Naomi Novik   ¼

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling (re-read)  ½

Overall I really enjoyed the books I picked up this month!

*I took a quarter of star away after I reviewed because of how easily I started forgetting about everything in this book.

Favorite of the month

This was also the most emotionally draining book I’ve read in a while. Probably not my best idea to read it in one day but wow.


Reviews Posted:

Falling Kingdoms

This Savage Song

Mini Reviews: WWII novels

The Unexpected Everything

Other Posts:

June Recap (this counts right?)

TTT: Books Set Outside of the US

Booktube-A-Thon TBR and Update

And again I slipped at the end of the month… I hope this doesn’t happen in August but with uni starting it probably will.


I hadn’t realized how lucky I’d been with the first two “novels” I wrote. Like I had to adjust a few of the things as I went along but nothing major. I withheld an important character moment for a later book, I cut a few exchanges that felt kind of OOC and I even came up with a few scenes on the go which I ended up adoring. Sure there were a few moments where the words wouldn’t come or in which I had to put aside while I figured out what to do next but I barely struggled. My plots just flowed well while I wrote.

Well, this month I understood how lucky I had been thanks to the draft I’m working on. My struggle was with the planning. I was super anxious and wanted to start writing right away but honestly I’m glad I waited. Then there was the outline that I’m still not completely certain about, especially act 2. It just didn’t come as easily as it had before.

When I started writing I just flew through the first act. So far having a first person narrator has been both easier and harder than what I had expected- the other two novels I’ve written have alternating 3rd person limited point of views. I’ve been able to write faster but at the same time I’ve been having more trouble executing scenes like I had imagined. Everything was going well, though. The three main characters especially are so easy to write. In the other series I had trouble finding some of the main characters’ voices but with this they just leap off the page (technically screen).

Then I finished the first act. I immediately had a crisis about how it was super repetitive and there were no stakes and things got resolved way too easily. I couldn’t make myself write for days. I ended up rereading all I had written and found that I was partially right. There are definitely  some things that I need to fix but it’s not that bad. Also I’m still terrible at writing villains. I currently have 30,000 words written which is great for having only been working on this for 20 days (by my standards at least).


So I really love TV. I can go into an hours-long discussion about why serialized formats can be incredibly rewarding. However, I had been suffering from a TV-slump, if such a thing exists, for the last few months. I had not found a show that could grab my attention for months. Well, I’m happy to say I found a few new shows to watch this month.

I binged watched the first season of UnReal when all the hype was going around about the second season starting. Now I’m a bit apprehensive about starting season two based on what I’ve been hearing about it…

Then I watched the entire first season of Stranger Things in one sitting. I really liked it, although I don’t think it’s the Greatest Thing Ever. Honestly, what made it worth it for me were Joyce, Eleven and Nancy (what a surprise).

I decided to start a comedy, something that would be cheery and happy. I clearly picked the wrong show: BoJack Horseman. I was not expecting to love this as much as I did and neither did I expect getting my heart ripped to pieces repeatedly. It wasn’t until season three that I went from hey I’m really liking this into fangirl territory. Although I loved how much effort goes into the little gags and animal puns in the background, the best thing about this show is the characters.


So tragedy struck when I accidentally locked my Apple Music account on my phone for 90 days. I currently can’t make new playlists or listen to old ones which is killing me. I’ve been having to listen to new music on my computer so most of the songs of this month were writing-related.


I listened to Hamilton for the first time this month and now it has taken over my life. I keep listening to the soundtrack over and over. Some of my favorites are Non-Stop, Guns and Ships, Right Hand Man, Alexander Hamilton, The Room Where It Happens, What’d I Miss (every song where Daveed Diggs has a part basically), Satisfied, The Schuyler Sisters, all the political songs from act 2, Aaron Burr, Sir and…. you get the idea.

Peaches by In the Valley Below


Wait for It from Hamilton because this is just as perfect song for a character and so is This Side of Paradise by Hayley Kiyoko

Familiar by Agnes Obel as well as Philharmonics work pretty work for my current novel.

Also I got super obsessed with how atmospheric Viices by Made in Heights is.


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