June Recap

So yeah, I kind of slipped on the blogging front…

My Life

So June was a crazy month. The first half of the month was pretty slow. At last on break, I was able to focus on reading and doing things I enjoy without feeling an ounce of guilt for the first time in, what, almost two years (IB is hell, guys). There just some preparations for university but other than that I had so much free time.

The second half pretty intense. Even though my last class was on April, my last exam on May, my actual graduation was in the middle of June. I got my dress like two days before the actual party. Graduation day went great, though, just the send off I needed. Less than two days after graduation I went on a trip with my three closest friends. So not much reading got done while we were there. I actually broke my streak of at least one book a week. We had a blast though.


I read all of them except for the last one in the first half of the month. (Also reviews to come for most of these.)

Red Glove by Holly Black      

Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut      

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr    

Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes  ½   

Faithful Place by Tana French ¼


The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead

Favorite of the month


Faithful Place by Tana French

Goodreads Reading challenge update

So half of the year is gone already and I had read 32 books by the time June ended which puts me 7 books ahead of the 50 books I want to read this year. I actually bumped my goal from 35 to 50 like a month ago, so I would be 14 books ahead.

Last year my challenge was set at 30 and I barely made it, reading 31. So in the first half of the year I’ve read more books than all of last year!


I started off so well and then slacked off, oops. I don’t really see a point of putting the post from June when they’re the only ones I have so far. The recap for this month will include more post I hope.


So I decided to include this section to hold myself accountable of how much writing I get done each month. I have like zero plans to get published any time soon, so I’m just doing this for myself. I’m currently working on a fantasy series. I finished the first book back in April, nicknamed Trash Baby, because it’s trash but also my beloved baby, and immediately started working on the next instalment. Nickname: Trash Toddler.

As a lot of things this month, I started off being super productive and then proceeded not write a single word after the 17th.

On the first half of the month, I’d say on average I wrote about 3500 words per day. It’s pretty great for as while still on school I rarely exceed the 1500 mark. There was even a day in which I wrote like 6000 words! I wrote the second half of Act 2 and the first half of Act 3 on this month and overall didn’t run into any walls or felt like rolling on the floor at any point.

On the second half, something surprising happened. I wrote zero words from the 16th to the 29th and I actually missed writing. Like a lot. There were some moments during the trip where I just spaced out while I plotted scenes in my head. When I was alone it was the first thing I thought of.

And well, since I started planning Trash Baby back in November, I’ve barely stopped. Sure when the work load got too high or I had to study for some exams, I went a few days without writing a word. I think I even went an entire week back in January (Extended Essays were due that week). This was my first real break from it. I realized how much I’ve grown to need it, to love it.

When I got back it was kind of weird getting back into it. Maybe it was because I left it off in the middle of a tough chapter. Once I got past that chapter I just flew to the ending, though. I finished the first draft a week after I got back.

I’m currently agonizing over planning the next book, which is more of a companion? It follows a different set of characters in a different corner of the world, so I’ve been spending a lot of time planning. I have not even started the outline and I’ve already filled over fifty pages with notes in the Harry Potter notebook I got on my trip.


I read (and write) with music so this are some songs that sort of got irrevocably associated with a particular book or moment.


Life on a Nickel by Foster the People —> Red Glove, I don’t know why but I also associate the first book with another Foster the People song

Thistle and Weeds by Mumford and Sons —> All the Light We Cannot See, also  the whole album but I played this song on repeat for the last fifth

Runaways by The Killers —> Faithful Place, this just makes me sad now.


Closing Time by Semisonic

The End by Daughter

(You can’t tell I was graduating, right?)

Heartlines by Broods


Dream Fortress by Grimes —> There’s this scene in Trash Toddler that will forever have this song as its soundtrack. Also that video may have inspired a scene in my current project.

Kill v. Maim by Grimes —> This is the perfect song for one of my characters, now I can’t listen to without thinking of her.

Her Hollow Ways by Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi —> The first half of Act 3 is this song.


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